Love: exploration guide

This piece has 3 distinct sections, and is written in a simple A-B-A' form. Each of the sections lends itself to a different meditative focus. Read the suggested meditation instructions below, then listen to the song with your eyes closed and your heart open.

Section 1 - Call to mind those people that you love the most. With all of your heart, send out feelings of love to them. Imagine that your love energy is actually making its way to their individual hearts as you do this.

Section 2 - Beginning with the very soft, distant chords of "love" followed by long, silent rests, this middle section begins to add layer upon layer of cascading vocals. Think of all of humanity - near and far - past, present, and future - especially those who are in desperate need of love - and send out your love energy to all. As each new layer of vocals enters, imagine as though your love is being compounded and magnified in its strength and its reach.

Section 3 - The triumphant return to the opening melodic material. Now you will turn your love energy inward, toward yourself. In addition, receive the love that is powerfully flowing in your direction from other people, nature, the universe, and/or your higher power. Fully embrace it and allow yourself to feel fully loved.