Love (mp3 single)

Love (mp3 single)

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I’m excited to announce my first EVER mp3 single release as a solo artist! What makes this unique? How is it different from anything else I’ve done?

First, this tune was completely written and recorded by me, using only my vocals. Some of you have heard my ‘demo’ quality recordings before — I usually create a self-sung demo when I write a new choral piece, but they are done quickly and are mediocre in quality — useful, but not pretty.

By contrast, on this project, I approached it as though I were in league with artists like Pentatonix or Voctave. I really shot for the moon with my vocal performance.

Second, this song only uses one word, “Love.” I’ve never written a one-word song before!

The client who commissioned the piece requested that I only use the word “Love” because it aligned best with their mission and brand. Long story short, the organization folded shortly thereafter without fulfilling their end of the contract. So, the tune just sat there…on my computer…for a couple of YEARS.

Third, this is the first time I’ve ever worked with seriously legit mixing and mastering engineers for the post-production side of the project. When I say seriously legit, I mean GRAMMY award winning dudes who have worked on major Pentatonix and Swingle Singers albums.

All of the tracks were recorded in our living room in Decatur, Illinois. (Mediocre microphone, Mac Logic Pro software.) I took those raw tracks and sent them to a guy named Danny Ozment in Nashville who edited everything, added tuning, tightened rhythms, and other acts of wizardry. He then forwarded them to the big dog, Bill Hare, in Los Angeles, who did several versions of the final mix and mastering based on several conversations and text messages. It was SO FUN to collaborate with artists at that level!

But beyond all of that, this is the first time that I’ve been pleased enough with one of my own recordings that I thought it was worthy of releasing to iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and so on, and actually asking people to consider purchasing it.

Which is funny, considering that music has been my profession and livelihood for 20+ years now. I guess I just feel like there is something special in this track. Something deep within me really translated into recorded sound waves. There was an ease, a clarity, an authenticity to my singing. It really sounds like MY REAL VOICE.

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